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Stock 1deepcool Thermal paste Z3 1.5g universal DP-TIM-Z3-2
Обновлено: 16-May-2021 10:12
Other features: * Excellent thermal conductivity. * Electrically non-conductive. * Wide range of application temperature.Thermal Conductivity:>1.134 W/m-KThermal Impedance:<0.201 C-in2/WDielectric Constant A: >5.1Viscosity:73cpsNet Weight: 1.5g
Weight: 1.5
Colour of product: Silver
Thermal conductivity: 0.965
Operating temperature (T-T): -30 - 180
Producer product family: Thermal paste Z3 1.5g
Processor brand name: universal
Net weight: 0.02
Gross weight: 0.021
Packing quantity: 126.00
Gross depth master carton: 410.00
Gross width master carton: 360.00
Gross height master carton: 400.00
Net weight master carton: 5.82
Tare weight master carton: 0.50
Volume (m3): 0.00
Tare weight (kg): 0.001
Gross depth (mm): 200.00
Gross width (mm): 120.00
Gross height (mm): 10.00
Paper/Pasteboard: 1.00
Embeeded battery: No
WEEE tax: No

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