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Stock 1Deepcool 80mm Ultra silent fan with patented De-vibration TPE cover, BLUE, for case and psu deepcool XDC-UF80
Обновлено: 16-May-2021 10:12
Fan function: Speed: 900±150~2200±10%RPM;Max.Air.Flow: 22.6CFM; Noise: 17.6-23.4dB(A)
Width: 81X81X26mm
Dimensions (WxDxH): 81X81X26mm
Height: 81X81X26mm
Depth: 81X81X26mm
Other features: Strong plastic frame with soft and elastic TPE cover to absorb operating vibration maximally.Special fan blade design to offer a unique visual effect when operating.2 ball bearing to offer smooth rotation and long lifetime.Super silent and big airflow.
Net weight: 0.10
Gross weight: 0.16
Packing quantity: 1
Gross depth master carton: 440.00
Gross width master carton: 326.00
Gross height master carton: 278.00
Net weight master carton: 6.00
Tare weight master carton: 4.10
Volume (m3): 0.00
Tare weight (kg): 0.06
Gross depth (mm): 156.00
Gross width (mm): 42.00
Gross height (mm): 88.00
Embeeded battery: No
WEEE tax: No
Paper/Pasteboard: 60

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