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Обновлено: 11-May-2021 22:16
CL: 16
Memory timings: 16-18-18-16
Nominal voltage: 1.35
Number of modules: 2
Memory module capacity: 16GB
Memory series: Viper 4
Performance: Gaming
Total capacity: 32GB
Frequency speed: 3200
Memory type: DDR4
Shipping Box Weight: 2.2
Shipping Box Depth: 30
Shipping Box Width: 20
Unit Brutto Volume: 0.00042
Shipping box quantity: 20
Unit Net Weight: 0.105
Unit Gross Weight: 0.11
Vendor Homepage: www.info.patriotmemory.com/viper4dram
Description: Engineered and built for extreme performance in the most demanding computer environments,  Patriot's Viper 4 series is the memory of choice for advanced hardcore gamers, overclockers,  enthusiast system builders and content creators. Manufactured using the highest quality components, Patriot's Viper 4 Series DRAM memory kits are hand tested and validated for system compatibility. For excellent heat dissipiation to ensure the memory module runs cool and stable, our Viper 4 Series uses  a fully custom, air-craft grade all aluminum heat shield. Viper 4 memory will provide speeds of up to 3733MHz, with will Intel XMP certification to make for easy overclocking. Both powerful and efficient,  these memory modules will provide full performance at only 1.35V and 3733MHz power draw.  Amp up you game and let Viper 4 memory by Patriot push your dream PC to the next level.
Shipping Box Height: 14
Module form factor: 288-pin DIMM
Full Description Line: Viper 4, Performance Gaming, DDR4, 16GB, Number of modules 2, 3200 MHz, 288-pin DIMM, CL 16, Memory timings 16-18-18-16, Nominal voltage 1.35 V

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