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Stock 1Deepcool Liquid cpu cooler GAMMAXX L240T BLUE DP-H12RF-GL240TB
Обновлено: 16-May-2021 10:12
Embeeded battery: No
WEEE tax: No
Packing quantity: 1
Gross weight: 1.76
Gross depth (mm): 200
Gross width (mm): 130
Gross height (mm): 355
Volume (m3): 0.00923
Net weight: 1.2
Tare weight (kg): 0.56
Radiator: 282×120×27 mm
Radiator material: Aluminum
Tube length: 31.50
Pump motor speed: 2400
Pump current: 0.21
Fan dimensions (W x D x H): 120×120×25
Fan speed (min): 500
Fan speed (max): 1800
Airflow: 69.34 CFM
Air pressure: 2.42 mmAq
Noise level (max): ≤30
Fan connector: 4-pin
Colour of product: Blue
Other features: Anti-leak Tech Inside system equipped. E-shaped micro water-channel design can effectively enhance the heat circulation efficiency and enlarge the thermal contact area. The brand new water block and 120mm PWM fans are illuminated by static blue LEDs and powered by 4pin PWM headers. Ultra-large, pure copper CPU block provides effective coverage and heat dissipation for CPUs of any size. The ceramic axle bearings and axle cores guarantee an ultra-long service life. Support Mainstream Intel & AMD Socket.
Producer product name: GAMMAXX L240T BLUE
Producer product family: Liquid cpu cooler
Paper/Pasteboard: 560

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