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Battery capacity: 12
Description: ACUMAX AML SERIES: the AML Series batteries made in the AGM process are intended for buffer duty (emergency power) in all systems which require long service life. The design life span ranges from 10 to 12 years. The batteries are applied in UPS units, telecommunication power supply systems, telephone exchanges, cable TV infrastructure, power substations, photovoltaic power systems, alarm, fire protection and emergency lighting systems, on boats, yachts, golf cars or power wheelchairs, in mobile devices, metering and measuring equipment, as well as medical devices.
Dimensions: 95x151x98mm
Full Description Line: 12 Ah, 12 V
Shipping Box Depth: 32
Shipping Box Height: 12
Shipping box quantity: 4
Shipping Box Weight: 16.15
Shipping Box Width: 21
Unit Brutto Volume: 0.002016
Unit Gross Weight: 4.04
Unit Net Weight: 3.8
Vendor Homepage: acumax.eu/en/products/vrla-batteries/agm-batteries/aml-series/
Voltage: 12

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