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About us

All of us sometimes need to buy an item or product. For items, we usually go to the sites of famous aggregators and look for the best price/reliability ratio of the store. But 99% of small Latvian Internet stores do not have large warehouses, but offer on the Internet a catalogue of items that are available to their suppliers. This list is often not regularly updated and the presence of the items in the warehouse are not guaranteed. We waste time and sometimes prepay and freeze money waiting for the items to arrive at the store. To get into this situation as little as possible, this system was created. It checks daily for the presence of items or products in some warehouses and at the websites of RD, Elkor, 220.lv, Baltic Data, 1a.lv and Euronics. Usually these stores have the goods on site, or the date of arrival is reasonably specified.

The situation with products is even more complicated, prices change almost regularly, so we added the search for goods and products on websites of Barbora, Rimi, E-Latts and E-Top.

Added drugs search in Meness aptieka, Apotheka, Internet aptieka and Benu aptieka.
Prices and quantity of items

For warehouses, the price of goods is approximate , based on our average price calculation system for all warehouses, it is not tied to any real store and is shown only to indicate the order of the price and the availability of the items. The number of items in retail stores is unknown and only their presence on the store search system is indicated. After request only the first 50 items are shown , so specify the name of the item as precisely as possible. Warehouse items use the exact match by name. Store site validation is real-time and can take up to 15 seconds.
For suppliers

If you have a real warehouse and want to provide potential customers with information about the availability of the items, please contact me by e-mail netforce.lv@gmail.com and we'll discuss how to connect it to our system.
Legal information

All information on items and their availability is the property of the suppliers of items. The creators of the site receive no financial or any other benefit from the placement of items and provide information solely for information purposes.